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We recognize the need to provide explicit instruction to our students to safely navigate their transition to adulthood.  To further support our students Anacapa will be adopting the HARBOR program in the 2022/23 school year.  Anacapa ATP’s HARBOR Program is designed to address a topic that is often overlooked for adults impacted by disabilities. Individuals with developmental disabilities are at increased risk of abuse and exploitation, while being less likely to advocate or report instances of unwanted sexual advances. The HARBOR program is intended to help keep students safe by providing direct instruction in a safe non-judgemental environment at Anacapa Adult Transition Program, where students will learn to recognize and avoid harmful situations and relationships.

The HARBOR Program will be supported by OUHSD’s adopted curriculums of UNIQUE, CIRCLEs and Sexuality for All Abilities.  Each of these curricula is designed specifically for Special Education students.  There is a wide range of topics that the HARBOR program will address including: safety while dating, identifying healthly vs unhealthy relationships, consent, boudaries, gender, and reproductive and sexual health.  This program is intended to provide students with critical knowledge to navigate relationships in the home, the community, and at the workplace safely.

A key feature of the HARBOR program includes parent/caregiver outreach and training to support each student's needs and align supports in the school and home settings.  We will be scheduling informational sessions and trainings for parents in September of 2022.  Working together with families will allow us to meet the individual needs of each student, taking into account their needs, impacts of their disabilities, and values.